Instructor Bio

Recently featured in American Artist Magazine [] (January 2002), artist Rebecca Alzofon brings her extraordinary painting and teaching talents to her new Academic Figure Workshop and Skill Clinic series. Alzofon, a full time professional artist, practicing in Menlo Park for over 20 years, is also an instructor to students and professionals for various Bay Area organizations, including the Palo Alto Art Center (since 1987) and PDI/Dreamworks (the folks who created Shrek and Antz).

After receiving her BA in art with a concentration in painting, she trained herself to paint in a traditional manner while painting portraits. By studying the works of the Masters, Rebecca Alzofon taught herself to paint in a classical manner. Having now shifted from portraiture, her primary subject matter is figurative allegory.

In speaking about her career's development, Rebecca explains, “by keeping an open mind to the various techniques in all eras of Western Classical art, I found a personal style and direction.” Of the themes she now explores, one is the Threatened Landscape: “In the tradition of the pastoral allegory, I use typical characters from Classical mythology, presenting an updated struggle between Humans and Nature.” In another developing series, the Lyricals, Rebecca explores archetypal human themes. In 2001, Rebecca introduced her theme based works during a successful year-long showing in Denver, Colorado [].

Alzofon's expertise with the figure and portrait places her at the center of a growing community of artists who work in the classical tradition. Her rare ability to both describe and exemplify various drawing and painting approaches has earned her a devoted following of students (for a sample of the depth in Alzofon's research, see