Advanced Anatomy Studies for Artists

Draw external view from gesture poses. Morning topic is theme for each session (see Guided Anatomy). Reinforce anatomy with drawing principles applied to anatomical forces.

Duration: 13 weekly 4 hour sessions (no lecture)  See Calendar

Class Capacity: 15

Prerequisite: Previous completion or concurrent enrollment in Guided Anatomy Studies for Artists

Fees: $250, plus model fee, which will run $2 - $6 per afternoon, depending on class size.

Note: Students who enroll in both Guided Anatomy and Advanced Anatomy get "preferred placement". This means that students who sign up for both classes get in before those who sign up for one only. There is one exception: Students who have previously taken "Anatomy Studies" will get "preferred placement" for the class of their choice, even if they enroll in just one of the above classes. Since some students will qualify to bypass prerequisites, and some "preferred placement" students will take just one class, there will be a mix of openings for all classes.

Supply List

Class Outline:

  • 1 hr Orientation Meeting
  • Week 1: Gesture: Simplified Skeleton, Measurement & Proportion
  • Week 2: The Deltoid Muscle
  • Week 3: The Buttocks
  • Week 4: External Oblique and Rectus Abdominus
  • Week 5: The Upper Arm: Biceps & Triceps
  • Week 6: The Upper Leg: Quadriceps and Hamstring
  • Week 7: The Upper Leg: The Adductors and Other Muscles
  • Week 8: The Bones of the Lower Leg and Foot
  • Week 9: The Muscles of the Lower Leg and Foot
  • Week 10: The Bones of the Lower Arm and Hand
  • Week 11: The Muscles of the Lower Arm and Hand
  • Week 12: The Head
  • Week 13: The Trunk