Frequently Asked Questions

Because I am busy with this project, it is very difficult to personally answer emails related to my work, but I know you would like to stay informed. I will post progress reports here from time to time, and if you have questions, read the FAQs below, first. If you do not find your answer, go ahead and send me a message (see the last question), and I will append a response to the FAQs, so others with your question will have the answer, too. Names won't be used. Thanks!

Q: When will your video be ready?
A: Based on current projections, it should be ready by late spring, 2011.

Q: What will be covered in your measuring video?
A: There will be an overview of measuring methods currently used in schools and ateliers, a discussion of how vision impacts measuring, and two methods for finding an accurate contour which I developed, plus a method for portrait measuring.

Q: Will there be a manual?
A: Yes

Q: Are you offering any classes right now?
A: I am not offering any classes. I am focusing full-time on finishing the video.

Q: Where will I find your measuring video?
A: I don't know yet. I can tell you it will be self-published and available in two format options: a dvd with manual, or all-digital. Check back from time to time. When the location is known, it will be announced here.

Q: How much will your measuring video cost?
A: It will be priced to fit its market niche -- in other words, it will cost about the same as similar products.

Q: What other videos will you offer?
A: The video immediately following measuring will cover illumination and reflection, with suggested rendering techniques (including hachure) in red chalk on white paper, charcoal on white paper, black and white chalk on middle value paper, and monochromatic oil paint on canvas. After that comes ellipse drawing, then introduction to color in academic figure oil painting, then full color academic figure oil painting, and finally, portrait drawing and painting. After that, I might add other topics, depending on how these go.

Q: I would like to be notified as soon as the video is released.
A: Please join the mailing list to receive announcements.

Q: My question was not answered here.
A: Please send an email with your question to
Please be advised that personal responses are not possible at this time, but your inquiry will receive attention, and a response will be posted here on the Monday following the receipt of your email.