Directions to Studio

Redwood City Art Center
2625 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063

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Driving Directions
Detail Map with Parking Info


Please come to the back door
(on Winklebleck -- see map)
Rebecca Alzofon's studio is on the second floor, #210


Are you arriving AFTER 6 PM, or ON A WEEKEND, or HOLIDAY? Free parking on the streets off Broadway. Do not park in the CalTrain lot, because there is always a fee there!

ARE YOU ARRIVING DURING A WEEKDAY? The cheapest parking ($1.50 all day) is in the CalTrain lot at the end on Winklebleck on California (see map). There are two pay boxes in the lot. Both boxes frequently refuse dollar bills. Quarters are the most successful method of payment. If one box rejects your money, try the other. DO NOT PAY CALTRAIN MORE THAN THEY ARE DUE! Don't pay the other box if one took your money and did not give you a ticket. If you paid the boxes the total amount due, and you do not get a permit, do not keep feeding the (damned) things. Instead, place a clearly written note on white paper, on the dash, inside your car the same place where you would have placed the permit. The note should include:

  • the date
  • a declaration of what you did
  • how much you paid
  • a polite demand that you not be ticketed

On occasion, both boxes refuse to take your money, in which case you should write a note that demands an address where you can send your payment. Everyone so far who has left notes like these on their dashes has not been ticketed.