Academic Figure I: The Sanguine Figure Study

From Morning Demonstration

Two shades of red chalk on off white paper. A clear, beautiful, forgiving and inexpensive drawing technique: A central skill in a great tradition. Morning demonstrations, afternoon practice. 20 hour pose.

Topics/skills: Chalks: sharpening, handling, hardnesses, colors. Paper: color, texture, tooth; Other tools: drawing boards, portcrayon, erasers, chamois, measuring stick. Basic layout: plumb lines, measuring, angles, construction line, outline, contour line, arcs. Tone: Parts of light on form, practice diagonal hatching, stumping, the forms, rehatching. Line quality: hierarchies, saturation. Corrections, anatomy; more.

Duration: 5 days (35 hours) See Calendar

Class Capacity: 12 students

Prerequisites: Previous experience in any life drawing class OR Drawing IV:Form Conceptions OR portfolio review (Parts of Light on Form Practical and Drawing II:Shape Drawing are strongly recommended, but not required)

Fees: $450 (includes model fees)

Partial day attendance: When five day workshops fill to capacity, additional attendees during morning demonstrations are welcome. Full day students get preferential seating. No prerequisite for lecture. $20/morning.