Academic Portrait


Guidelines for Design and Likeness.

Topics/skills: Planning, lighting, proportion, cropping, composition, color, flattery & style. The sacrifice of detail for the goodness of the whole. Two models; 5 students to one model. Students will execute preliminary drawings and small color oil studies before moving to full scale portrait in oils. There will also be a survey of anatomy and form conceptions of the head, neck, shoulders, face and clothing (for in-depth survey of drape, take Academic Drape). Compare average proportion to actual measurement, and learn essential layout skills that support likeness. Painting techniques will be the same as those learned in Academic Figure III through V. Goal over the duration will be completion of a composition, including background, and achieving a likeness. Lecture and demonstration in the AM; students practice in PM.

Duration: 10 days (70 hours: two 5-day blocks with 2-day break in the middle) See Calendar

Class capacity: 10 students

Prerequisites: Academic Figure V (Drawing V: Portrait Sketching & Drawing is strongly recommended, but not required)

Fees: $900 (includes model fees)

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Partial day attendance: When five day workshops fill to capacity, additional attendees during morning demonstrations are welcome. Full day students get preferential seating. No prerequisite for lecture. $20/morning.