Can I Bypass the Prerequisites?

  • I have a degree in art -- I've taken advanced art classes. I don't want to repeat course material just to take the class that I'm interested in.
  • I've drawn from long poses already. I think I'm prepared for later classes.
  • I don't have background, but I either don't have enough money or enough time to take all of the prerequisites. I just want one or another of the later classes.

So, can I do a portfolio review?

Thanks for your interest in my workshops, skill clinics and classes. My workshops are actually segments of a systematic training plan. My program is designed specifically for artists who seek a full balance of skills. While you may see just one or two specialities that interest you, I regard the entire set as one: none stands without the support of the prior.

Even if you are a well balanced artist, it would be unfair to classmates to spend class time seeking connections between your particular skills and the new language, taught in the first classes. In reality, I'd be very surprised if you have heard everything I teach during the first classes. You may very well have excellent skills and knowledge, but you can't know either the measuring system or the language of light that I teach. No one else teaches these. For ease of communication, I expect everyone to share the same vocabulary.

You might be interested in reading this testimonial from one of my many students with degrees in art who have attended the prerequisite workshops.