A different kind of figure study program

Art basics are typically taught in haste, but for many, deeper study is wanted.

A message from Rebecca Alzofon:
I opened my Academic Figure studio program in 2001 so I could try a new way of teaching art basics. My approach proved successful, but when the economy dipped in 2007, I closed my school (Read the announcement). You can still browse my class listings here, so you can get a feel for the program I once offered.

When I closed my school, my students were disappointed, but I accepted this as an opportunity to preserve and disseminate my program through training videos.

The first video is about measuring.
My skill clinics and workshops covered a range of topics, from clear visual thinking to management of advanced materials and subjects. The first subject I covered, measuring, was essential. It enabled integration of all lessons that followed. Not only did it set the proper pace for thoughtful study, but it also introduced a language for better communication about representational drawing. It takes about one hour to accurately measure the posing nude for a drawing, and four days to teach how this is done. But creating a multimedia tome on the topic takes much longer. I am working diligently on this video, and expect it to become the first of several instructional dvds. This video is the most difficult to create because the animated graphics require an enormous amount of work. The other videos will take no more than three months, each, to create, but this first one about measuring has already taken years. Based on current projections, the measuring video with accompanying manual will be ready in the late spring of 2011. It will be unlike anything currently on the market.
I can't wait!

Because I am busy with this project, it is very difficult to personally answer emails related to my work, but I know you would like to stay informed. I will post progress reports here from time to time, and if you have questions, read the FAQs, first. If you do not find your answer, go ahead and send me a message, and I will append a response to the FAQs, so others with your question will have the answer, too. Names won't be used.

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